The Chronicles of Keld

The Ward of Winter - Session I

The Cart Conundrum


Strangers turned traveling companions, Orion Menel, Sambaed Atthe deSumarr and Casper Izem, find themselves traversing the frozen landscape of the north’s Sundered Valley when they arrive in the valley’s solitary settlement, the walled town of Winterhaven.

After Sam’s appearance causes a bit of a stir with the locals, the group find accommodations for the evening at the local Marigold Inn, but are dismayed to learn that the passes leading into and out of the valley have become impassable with the recent snowfall, trapping them there indefinitely.

The Cart Conundrum

As the story begins, the party come down for breakfast in the Marigold Inn, the morning after their arrival. During their meal, the party is approached by a local merchant, the halfling Alfeld Hilltopple, who attempts to hire them to locate his missing brother and nephew, Norhorn and Bander respectively, who disappeared while escorting a cart to Winterhaven from the south.

The party agree and head out into the Sundered Valley, where, after some searching, the adventurers find the corpse of the shipment’s human guard and a blood trail leading east.

The adventurers track the halflings to a goblin cave, where they are attacked by the cave’s inhabitants (all strangely wearing burlap sacks as masks). A desperate battle through the cave results in the party slaying all of the goblins and Orion killing the goblins’ troll boss.

The party rescue Norhorn, but are unable to save Bander who was eaten by the troll. Recovering Bander’s corpse, the adventurers return Norhorn to his brother in Winterhaven where the two halflings share a bittersweet reunion…


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